How would you describe your style?

I describe my style as Fine Art Storytelling wedding photography. I spend the vast majority of my time at a wedding attempting to blend in with the scenery as it's so important to me that I capture your emotions and those of your guests. Equally though, it's really important that I provide you with a beautiful collection of images.


How will you edit our images?

I don't spend a lot of time editing, and I don't own Photoshop. Get it right in-camera as they say, and the rest takes care of itself. Generally, I overexpose my images just a touch to give a sense of lightness and happiness. In Lightroom, I'll edit as a mixture of colour and black & white.


How many images will we receive?

It depends on your day, but you can expect anything between 300 and 400 photographs for a full day. ​


How will we get our images?

Most of my couples receive a hand-made album by Queensberry. You will also have your own password-protected gallery including all of your images in full quality with no download limits. Your gallery will remain live permanently, so you can share your password with as many friends and family as you'd like to.


When will we get our images?

Your images will be ready within 4 weeks of your wedding day, although I always try to get them to my couples sooner.


Can we have the RAW files?

I don't release any unedited images at all - the editing process, whilst a small part of the overall process for me, is still essential.


Can we edit our images ourselves?​

I ask that you don't edit anything after I've passed them to you. Even filters and cropping on Instagram & Facebook can ruin an image, so please watch out for them!


Are we able to print our images?

Yes! I would love you to print your images, and your can order professional prints directly from me in your gallery. It's always worth investing in prints done professionally. I ask that you don't print your images above 6x4 yourselves, as it's so easy to get wrong.

Do you offer any wall art?

Absolutely! I offer a selection of beautiful, high-end products designed to make you smile every time you look at them. Please ask for more details.


Do you photograph formal group shots?

Yes I'm happy to photograph group shots, but I do recommend keeping them to a minimum. 5 groups of 10 guests is normally enough to cover all bases. I also ask that you organise them, but we can talk about this in more detail before the day.


Should we be worried if you haven't worked at our venue before?

Not at all. Even when I have worked at a venue before I like to arrive in plenty of time to scout out lighting conditions etc, so working somewhere new is not a problem. If you are still concerned, perhaps we could schedule your engagement shoot at the venue?


Do you have back-up equipment?

I always bring 3 Nikon D750 bodies (and a few others) with a variety of lenses (mainly prime lenses for those photography geeks who are interested!) to make sure I'm covered! Even if a disaster should befall one of my cameras, I know that I've got plenty spare. 


Are you insured?

Yes. I'm fully insured to cover all aspects of my services, and I'd be happy to provide copies of certificates if you or your venue would like to see them.​


Do you travel?

I'm happy to travel all over the world to capture your day, just ask for more details!


Are you happy to photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?

Absolutely, I would love to!


How do we book you?!

Visit the Contact section, fill in your details and I'll be in touch!